Crystals For the Home


Crystals for the Home and How to Use Them




How to Use Crystals in the Home

Anyone can benefit from crystals, and you don’t need to do anything to do so – just being around them is enough to experience their healing powers.

In the home, crystals serve two purposes – they look beautiful, and they help to balance and harmonize the energy in your house.  From healing arguments to protecting the home from unwanted energies, inspiring creativity to boosting love.   Learn how to use crystals in the home safely and effectively.

 How to Use Crystal Energy to Balance your Home


Crystals work in two ways – they can give out energy, altering the energy of a room for benefical purposes, and they can aborb energy, removing negativity and unwanted energy from the home.

Large clusters, geodes and spheres have a beautiful energy and look great also.  Crystal points, meanwhile, can be used to charge, or to draw out, and can be used in grids to energise a room or to heal it.


 Crystals for the Eight Directions in Feng Shui


If you practice the art of Feng Shui, then you might like to know which crystals are associated with each of the eight directions.

NORTH – azurite, black tourmaline, clear quartz hematite, iron, jet, obsidian and snowflake obsidian, smoky quartz, sodalite

NORTH-EAST – cream or beige stones

EAST – amazonite, amethyst, apophyllite, aventurine, calcite, celestite, copper, fluorite, rose quartz

SOUTH-EAST – green stones

SOUTH – carnelian, citrine, clear and rutilated quartz, fire agate, garnet, gold, Herkimer diamond, ruby, sunstone

SOUTH-WEST – rose quartz

WEST – aquamarine, blue chalcedony, blue lace agate, jade, labradorite, moonstone, opal, silver

NORTH-WEST – gold, rutilated quartz, white quartz

CENTER – Use a quartz cluster or crystal sphere, such as rainbow quartz for energy or rose quartz for calm and serenity


* Place a citrine geode in your Wealth area to increase abundance

* Place a rose quartz in the Love area to attract romance


How to use Crystals in the bedroom


* Place a piece of rose quartz beside your bed to attract romance

* Place amethyst under your pillow to bring good dreams and keep nightmares at bay

* Selenite attracts angelic energy into the home and can connect your soul to its higher purpose.  It can be placed under the pillow, but it is such a beautiful crystal that a pillar of it on a shelf, chest or bedside cabinet will bring beauty to the bedroom also.

* Orange crystals associated with the sacral chakra can help boost intimacy and libido if placed around the bed

* If you are experiencing strain or lack-luster romance in your relationship, place a large piece of chrysocolla in the room to revitalise it.

How to Use Crystal Geodes in the Home

 A geode is a rock with a hollow center.  Crystals grow into the hollow and can result in beautiful structures.  The most commonly formed are quartz, amethyst, citrine and calcite.

Geodes protect the home and can change, clear or cleanse the energy of a room.  They also aid communication, decisions, spirtitual growth and communitites.

Geodes can also heal anything that is placed inside them, so could be used to cleanse the energy of an object, piece of jewelery, tools or any number of items.



How to Use Crystals in the Kitchen & Dining Room

 * Use clear or smoky quartz clusters and points to clear away background radiation from kitchen appliances

* Have rose quartz nearby when preparing food as it helps inspire extra creativity and brings special blessing to the preparation

* Use citrine in the dining area, perhaps a cluster as a table centerpiece, to aid digestion

* Place rose quartz or amethyst in the dining room to bring harmony at family meals

* Use zeolite to reduce unwanted cooking odors

What is Electromagnetic Stress and How can Using Crystals in the Home Help?

Chemicals in everyday products and the radiation emitted from appliances such as televisions, computers, mobile phones, along with wireless technology, all take their invisible toll on our health.

Earth has a natural electromagnetic energy called the geomagnetic field, Having evolved in this field, if removed from it, living beings can suffer physiological problems. Man-made materials such as concrete, electric wiring and plastic reduce ambient earth energy by either shielding it or setting up stronger electromagnetic fields around themselves, interfering with natural ones. 



In turn, every electrical item in a house creates an electromagnetic field around itself. If someone is particularly susceptible to energy, or is run down physically, the natural frequencies of the body can become disturbed by the unnatural frequencies of the objects around it.

In addition to electrical items, artificial lighting, air conditioning, nylon carpets and metal furniture can also wreak havoc on our energy fields.

Placing crystals on or around problematic objects helps because they absorb the negative energy and electromagnetic “smog”. Crystals that have the ability to do this are:

* Clear quartz
* Amethyst
* Smoky quartz
* Black tourmaline
* Fluorite

To determine whether your body is being affected by electromagnetic stress, hold a magnetite or lodestone pendulum in front of you or a specific part of the body that is causing you problems. The pendulum, when held steady, is said to rotate clearly if the area is under any electromagnetic stress.


How to Use Crystals in the Living Room


* The living room is generally the most-used room and inevitably can house conflict between family members. Use a cross-quarter grid of clear quartz points to bring balance and harmony (see next section on crystal grids)

* Radiate calm and protection with a high-quality amethyst cluster in the centre of the room

* Place a clear quartz cluster or point on top of your television to soak up electrical radiation

* Rose quartz in this room brings warmth, love and well-being

* Green fluorite continuously removes negative energy from a room, and also cleanses the atmosphere, so is the perfect crystal to place in a busy room like the living room, which sees a lot of interaction, as it settles the room’s aura and dispels negativity after arguments

How to Use Crystal Grids in the Home

 Use crystal grids when you wish to use something more powerful than a single crystal in a room. A crystal grid focuses the energy into the room, and consists of a particular number of crystals of equal size, placed in a geometric pattern. A grid creates a clear, balanced energy field and can create a pristine space, as well as transforming any disturbance or imbalance.

A common crystal grid for the home is the cross-quarter grid, where four equally sized crystals are used, usually quartz points. One is placed in each corner of the room, pointing inwards, to focus the energy. If it is a clearing grid, with the intention of removing energy, then the points should face outwards.

A grid can be used in a whole room, or it can be used around a particular object, area, piece of furniture and so on.



How to use Crystals in the Hallway or Landing



 * A labradorite sphere can ease transitions and add clarity to a chosen path. Placing it in the transitional places of your home can help symbolise this

* Hang a clear, faceted crystal from the hall ceiling to aid the flow of chi (positive and auspicious energy) in your home

* If you are trying to sell your home, a large citrine cluster or geode displayed in the hallway to increase interest in your property



How to Use Crystals in the Bathroom

 * Use a bright, light-reflecting quartz crystal to energise the bathroom, as rooms with sinks and toilets tend to drain energy away

* Amber helps to clean your space, so is a useful crystal to have near the bath or wash basin.

* The bathroom can also be a place of healing – there is nothing like the restorative feeling of a salt bath, and scrapes and bruises invariably find their way into the bathroom for plasters and antiseptic. Have a crystal in the room that is closely associated with general healing, such as smithsonite or clear quartz

* Zeolite crystals can help reduce unpleasant odors. Make a grid around the source of regular odors, such as the loo!

* Quartz can help soften water in hard-water areas. Place crystals in the water tank or attach them to pipes









How to Use Crystals in the Office or Study


 * Protect your quiet study or work space with a four square grid of quartz

* Place geodes, clusters or tumblestones on your desk of crystals that help focus the mind, aid concentration and boost creativity, such as amethyst, aquamarine, aventurine, celestite, citrine, moonstone, rose quartz, sodalite, tiger’s eye or tourmaline

* Place a smoky quartz cluster or point, or an amethyst geode, on your desk or between you and a source of electromagnetic stress, such as a computer or photocopier

* If computers or their screens have a tiring effect on you, place a fluorite cluster or piece of lepidolite beside it – you will feel better and your computer will work in greater harmony with you!

* Common opal creates a better working environment

Incorporating Crystals into your Home Decor

Crystals placed in water features or indoor water fountains create a beautiful energy. The flowing water energizes the crystals, ensuring they stay cleansed and maintain a high vibration

* Combine quartz clusters with a glass bowl
* Place rose quartz in a slate or pewter basin
* Combine moss agate with water plants in a lined wood fountain
* Put a rainbow myriad of tumblestones in a bubble fountain

Other ways of combining crystals with home decor include:

* Crystal bookends
* Crystal tea light candle holders
* Tumblestones in a wood, glass or stone bowl
* Small crystals crafted into a photo or picture frame
* Crystals placed on a sacred altar or family shrine
* Crystal incense holders










How to Use Crystals in the Garden



Placing crystals in the earth near a plant can help it to grow stronger or revive an ailing plant. Here are some guidelines:

* Roses are boosted by rose quartz

* Citrine helps marigolds, sunflowers and yellow daisies (and they in turn brighten the crystal)

* Clear quartz and moss agate aid all plants

* Make a large batch of crystal elixir or gem water and use it as a spray in the garden

* Water a crystal elixir into the soil in an area prepared for planting, ideally 24 hours before planting anything 

* Create a crystal grid of clear quartz, rose quartz or moss agate by placing a crystal point in each corner of a flower bed or vegetable plot, with the points facing inwards, to energise the plot

* Similarly, you could place a crystal point at either end of a vegetable row, or around a greenhouse

* To aid an ailing plant that is in need of a lot of help, use a clearing grid of quartz points (points turned out), ideally on a waning moon, to draw out negative energies. Then, on a waxing moon, cleanse the crystals and put them back, points turned inwards to re-energise

* Sphene encourages healthy development in plants, and should be displayed near your garden plants or on the patio

* You can also place small pieces of sphene, quartz, moss agate and the other crystals mentioned in your pots, containers, and houseplants


General Ways to Use Crystals in the Home

Some crystals can be used generally throughout the house for a number of beneficial reasons:

  • Use amethyst or quartz clusters to energise a room
  • Moonstone creates a happy home and contentment, so place crystals liberally around the house
  • Onyx brings happiness to a home, so place in regularly used rooms or at the centre
  • Use kunzite in a room where there has been an argument, as it allows residual negative feelings to drain from the room. It is also effective if there has been death or illness in a room
  • Spirit quartz brings peace, harmony and organisation to the home and to family relationships, so place in all the rooms where the family is regularly together
  • Prehnite bonds people together, uniting them towards a common goal
  • For improved communication, perhaps as a family, between parents and children, or in business conducted from your home office, place schalenblende in a room to resolve arguments and boost communication
  • Place rose quartz wherever you wish to bring love, harmony and peace
  • Cerussite can help repel pests, like cockroaches, ants, mice and rats. You can also make a crystal elixir from the stone to wash any affected areas
  • If you meditate, place a focal crystal in your usual meditative spot
  • Keep a bowl of tumblestones by the telephone to prevent the draining of energy from difficult phone calls. Holding the stones will prevent you from getting over-involved or losing perspective. You could also use a particular favourite crystal