The Forgotten Powers of Crystals

Crystals can be worn as jewelry or use them as a keychain. Sleep with them under your pillow. Put them on your desk, kitchen table, coffee table, anywhere that you will be near them and enjoy the benefits of their vibrations. They are just like a good friend – one whose companionship you delight in. Love them. Look at them. Enjoy them. They help you by their very presence. It’s a gift they freely and lovingly give to you

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  • According to many studies crystals radiate energy. This energy causes changes in brain patterns when placed near or laid on the body. Another aspect of the theory is resonance. Resonance occurs when the body’s meridians, or energy channels, are stimulated as they come into contact with gemstones of like frequencies. Chaotic frequencies within the body are altered to harmonize with the crystal’s vibration thus creating order out of chaos. The resonance creates a corresponding echo in the body stimulating healing.
  • Overview

    Healing with crystals has gained popularity as access to information on alternative medicines has increased. People suffering from many different illnesses are seeking alternative treatments and crystal therapy is one of many such alternatives to traditional medical care. Better results are likely when the practitioner and patient understand how crystals work.
  • History

    The use of healing crystals has been noted since 1550 B.C. when the Egyptian papyrus known as the Ebers Papyrus was discovered. This papyrus contains a large body of Egyptian medicinal practices, including the use of gemstones to aid in healing. Crystal healing is also found in ancient medical texts from India, Greece and Rome among others. In antiquity many of the gems were described as having the same medicinal properties despite differences in the culture of the people. Similar to the way Catholic saints are syncretized in the Santeria religion, crystals retained their distinguishing attributes among the different ancient cultures.
  • Types of Crystals

    There are thousands of different crystals and gemstones. Some are easily found in nature, like jade or turquoise, and others are rare, like painite. Some gemstones are man-made, like cubic zirconia and synthetic corundum. Crystal healing therapy is considered a natural art and is typically performed using naturally occurring crystals.